Let The Journey Begin!

Five Fifty Fifty Send-Off Event

It is hard to imagine, but we are only less than one week away from the first of the fifty 5k's. Over one hundred supporters came to the send-off event and ran or walked the three miles around the blocks in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Many of my friends and previous co-workers joined. The weather was cool and crisp. And the soft, delicious pancakes that followed where light and satisfying.

Thanks to Performance Running Outfitters for their support and for letting us use their store and provide the food.  I was touched not only by the number of people who showed up but by the number of stories shared with me. Their stories related to the individuals themselves or family members who are struggling with mental health issues. The encouragement they gave me was priceless!

We are about to start the mission to bring awareness to the mental health crises in our country. And to gather support to help make mental health in America affordable, accessible and of high quality. Mental health care coverage must be at parity with all medical illness coverage and those who suffer from it must not be stigmatized or alienated. They must not feel ALONE.

Thank you for all who have supported us and continue to do so!  Let the journey begin!

Five Fifty Fifty Send-Off Event